Thursday, 27 July 2023 Chania, Greece

Alumni Gathering

CIHEAM-The Mediterranean Crossroad to Youth Empowerment

3rd CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni Gathering

Many "strange" events have taken place over the years since our last gathering in 2019: the COVID pandemic, the war in Europe, drama of refugees and immigrants, and the energy crisis are just some of them.

Despite these inhibiting factors, we gain inspiration from your enthusiasm and interest in organizing the 3rd CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni Gathering, which is to be held on Thursday, 27 July 2023.

Because we believe that together we are stronger, in particular in times of crises, and to be more inclusive and impactful, we decided to open the 2023 Edition to all the CIHEAM ALUMNI.

Former students of the Institutes of Bari (Italy), Montpellier (France), and Zaragoza (Spain) are also most welcome!

In addition, in line with the strategic action plan of the CIHEAM, we decided to focus the gathering on an essential issue: Youth Empowerment

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"CIHEAM: The Mediterranean Crossroad to Youth Empowerment"

How has CIHEAM helped your mobility and how were you empowered/motivated to achieve your dreams in your early steps? Have you migrated to another country? Are you back home in your own country?

Seniors’ Experience as a benefit to Youth Empowerment:
we would love to have some presentations made by Senior Alumni on “tips” to successfully plan the next steps to further professional or personal development.

Τhe previous 2 gatherings in 2015 and 2019 were held with great success, and we hope to get as much or an even higher attendance in 2023.

We will try to organize an unforgettable reunion!

In order to make this come true, we need your support and participation!


To be announced


Please note that all Alunni must register online in order to participate in the gathering.

Important notice: Participants can be accompanied only by first degree relatives. Please contact the CIHEAM MAICh Conference Center Office by email at indicating the name(s) of the accompanying person(s).

Please take into consideration that according to the new EU VISA RULES VISA applications should be submitted at the consulate where you will receive your VISA from, no more than three (6) months before you are due to arrive in Greece.
European Commission - NEW EU VISA RULES (pdf file - 1,75MB)

Please consult the website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further information and updates.

Event Information

Download 1st Announcement (pdf file)



The Conference Center of MAICh is located 3 km south-east of Chania city centre, 13 km from the airport and 1 km from the port of Souda.
On the Conference Center web site you will find the necessary information



Alunni wishing to be accommodated in MAICh premises should complete the online form.

Prices / Reservation Guarantee / Cancellation Fee / Booking Deadline

Prices / Reservation Guarantee / Cancellation Fee / Booking Deadline

The cost of the rooms per day at MAICh premises, only for the former students of MAICh (and their families), on a full board basis*, is settled at:
40€ for a single room,
52€ for a double/twin room,
60€ for a attic (two levels room with a double and a single bed) or upgraded room,
110€ for a Stonehouse.

A deposit for the 1st night's stay must be paid through the online registration system as a guarantee. The remaining amount should be paid upon your arrival at MAICh.

Cancellations of reservations 5 days prior to participant's arrival: a full refund will apply.

Cancellations of reservations up to 2 days prior to participant’s arrival: a cancellation fee equivalent to the cost of one night’s accommodation will apply.

*Meals will be served during the working hours of the restaurant of MAICh.

There is no deadline for room reservations. Rooms will be booked and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. So please don’t be late!
Please keep in mind that are very few family rooms available.

The conference secretariat must be notified in writing of any cancellations of accommodation, by email:, otherwise no refund will be made.

Refunds will be available after the end of the event. Handling fee from 5€-10€ may apply.


Conference Center Bureau of MAICh

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania
Makedonias 1 st., Chania, Crete, 73100, Greece
Tel: +302821035080-1 / Fax: +302821035001